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We buy houses in all areas, all conditions and price ranges. We will eliminate all the hassles that comes with selling your house the traditional way. We handle all of the paperwork and close quickly. Your problems will be behind you from our family owned and operated business.Sell house for cash fast

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 How we come up with our cash offers

Ever wonder how we come up with our cash offers? Well let’s break it down.

First we conduct a walk-through of the property, looking for repairs that need to be made to bring the property up to date. We look at mechanicals, roofs, foundation, and anything else that might need some work. We will discuss your current situation, motivation level, and simply what you are looking to accomplish. Our main goal is to find a solution to your problem and make sure you’re satisfied. We are not happy unless you are happy!

We then take all of our new found information, as well as information that our team has found online to come up with our best possible offer. We look at comparable homes in the area in the same condition as well as ones that are completely updated. We then enter all the numbers and data into our software that calculates exactly what we can offer you for your property.

Work begins as the renovation team starts loading up all the unwanted items into a truck destined for one of our proud sponsored Charitable Donation locations ( Habitat for Humanity and The Salavation Army). Our highly trained renovation team then starts the transformation, fixing anything that needs updating and adding new floors and carpet.

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Cash For Houses

Our CASH OFFERS are always fair and direct. We want to buy your house to either flip or rent out as a positive cash flow investment. Request an cash offer today! Learn more about your property value and avoid appraisal costs/fees.  We will come over to evaluate your home as soon as you contact us. Please keep in mind, we pay all the closing fees and there are no agent costs involved. This SERIOUSLY impacts the net profit when selling a house with a realtor. Don’t hesitate and call us at (952-392-9673)

So if you want to sell house for cash in Minneapolis You have come to the right spot! Get your free no-obligation cash offer on your Minneapolis house today! why wait? see how much you could get for your house in as little as 24 hours or less.

Reasons why you may consider selling your house for cash

  • Foreclosure– Your home has gone into pre-forclosure and you just want out
  • Divorce– Marital problems and need to liquidize assets
  • Extensive repairs– Damage to the interior or exterior of your home that you do not want to repair
  • Bad realtor– Listed your house but couldn’t get it sold
  • Bankruptcy– Sell off your equity to get out of debt
  • Job loss– Laid off or you have been released from your job
  • Rough neighborhood– Too much crime in your neighborhood
  • Inherited a house- Loved one has passed away and left a home in your name
  • Need money – Just need some money and want to sell house for cash

5 Reasons to Choose Us | When Selling House for cash in Minneapolis

    1. Sell House Fast(5 days)- Selling your house with a real estate agent can be a smart way to go but you need to have the time and money to list your house on the MLS and not to mention you still need to find a good real estate agent. You will also most likely have to wait months on months to actually find a buyer and even then you will it will take up to a additional 30 days to close on your house.We use our own money, so we are able to buy your Minneapolis house in a matter of days.
    2. No Repairs- Another benefit of selling to a cash for houses company is you don’t have to do any repairs. Simply because we use our own money we also don’t have to have a inspection and appraisal, so there is no need to do any repairs whats so ever. We also own our own general contracting company, so we are able to fix up your house without using a middle man like most home buying companies have to. That in return, saves you thousands of dollars because we are able to give you a higher cash offer. So if you have holes in the walls, busted water pipes, flooded basement, foundation issues, etc. Dont worry about it! We will take care of all repairs.
    3. Flexible- Here at Minnesota Home Brothers works on your time, every time! If you are worried about not getting out soon enough or need to stay a few months to get things ready to move, no problem. We are never in a rush if you aren’t in a rush either. You can pick your closing date as soon as 5 days or 6 months out, it doesn’t make a difference to us. That’s the beauty of going with a we buy houses company like ours.
    4. Professional- As a team, Minnesota Home Brothers has over 30 years of investing experience and over 20 years of residential remodeling. We take pride on showing up on time and giving you the best possible home selling experience that we can give. When one of our acquisition team members arrives at your house you will be greeted with our company folder. Inside the folder will be loads of information including a brochure, Credibility packet, and Coupons from other local business we support including MN Duct Pros – Home Duct cleaning services
    5. Honesty- We are always up front and honest with our clients. When we make our cash offers we don’t try and low ball and play the sales game with you, We always try and put our best foot forward right away. We are not happy, unless you are happy. We do business the way business should be done.


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