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Minnesota Home Brothers isn’t your average home buying company. We take pride in helping people with their real estate problems. Weather you inherited a house, re-locating, in foreclosure, or just want tell sell your house without any of the headaches involved, we are here to help. After submitting your form you will receive a fair cash offer on your house in 24 hours or less. If you like the offer we can buy your house in as little as 7 days. That means you can have cash in your hand in under 7 days without finding a realtor, listing your home, making repairs, or having those annoying open houses. You wont find that anywhere else.

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We really are much different than most home buyers in Minnesota. The thing is Minnesota Home Brothers isn’t just a home buying service. We also own our own general contracting company “Tobler Homes” and that’s really good news for you. Because we own our own residential contracting company we are actually the ones that remodel or repair the homes that we buy. That’s great right? but how does that help you? It helps you because we are able to offer you way more for your property than other home buyers in Minnesota simply because we don’t have to factor in 10’s of thousands of dollars in middlemen fees. You see, most local home buying company’s don’t actually buy your house and repair it themselves. They resell your property to a general contracting company who then makes the necessary repairs in order to sell the house. Who do you think pays for those extra expenses? thats right, you. Other home buyers will factor those cost into their offers. Now,we don’t think that is fair for home owners to have to pay for all those expenses out of their pocket and that’s why we buy,renovate,and resell every house that we purchase in return being able to offer home owners thousands of dollars more for their property.


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