Why Working from Home May Mean It’s Time for a New Home

Why Working from Home May Mean It’s Time for a New Home

It’s not a surprise to anyone that the pandemic has driven some changes for most of us, not the least of which is working from home. This new lifestyle we’ve had to embrace comes with some very practical aspects that we need to consider – the home we’re currently in may not serve our current and future needs. Here’s why working from home may mean that it’s time to start looking for a new one.

  1. You need a dedicated office space

The reason why most remote workers are looking for new properties is simple – they need a home office. Our houses aren’t usually meant to home every single aspect of our lives, so when you bring your work home, it’s natural that you’d need a dedicated space for it.

Most buyers are looking for bigger homes so they can create a home office that is separate from the rest of the house. That isn’t just a practical solution, but also an important psychological one – this physical divide between your work life and personal life should help you keep them separate and hopefully prevent burnout.

  1. You rely on tech

Let’s be real – you’re most likely heavily relying on tech while working from home, and if you find yourself in a location where you don’t have access to a reliable internet provider, or you don’t have a lot of options for cable, or you have really bad cellphone reception, that can really impact the quality of your work. 

Many of the buyers who are currently searching for a home are prioritizing ones that have good internet access and even certain smart tech upgrades, such as an Amazon Echo or a Ring doorbell. 

  1. You need some outdoor space

You probably never thought you’d say this, but you may miss your daily commute. It was an opportunity to go outside, get some fresh air, and move your body. All of that is lacking in the lives of remote workers. 

The solution may be to create a fake commute, or even better – to search for a home with some outdoor space. A yard, or even a patio can enrich your life by giving you a patch of grass to call your own. You can get some fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, or let the dog run around. And think about how nice it would be to work outside in the summer. 

  1. You’re concerned about security

The move to remote work has revealed a host of security issues for a lot of companies. The biggest liability? Irresponsible employees. Whether you have physical documents or a laptop full of confidential client info, it’s your job to ensure their safety. 

Especially if you have roommates or small children that tend to get into everything, you may be looking for a new living situation. You want to be able to have a separate room with a lock on the door, and possibly a safe. You can never be too careful about who has access to your work files. 

Final thoughts

A major lifestyle transformation like working from home is bound to bring about some changes, and it may include looking for a new home. Between the new purpose your space needs to serve, your personal needs, and concerns over professionalism and security, you may be better off searching for a property that meets all of your requirements.

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