The Right Way to Sell Your House When Relocating in Minnesota

Are you looking for information on selling your house in St. Paul, Minnesota before relocating to another area? It can be a confusing process when you need to sell your house as quickly as possible. Moving to a new location is a big step. You’ve researched the area, perhaps secured new employment, and you have everything ready,  except that you’re not sure where to start in selling your home.

In this post, we will take a look at ways to find buyers, show your house to potential buyers, give you tips on how to connect to the right people to close the deal, and suggest ways to ensure that the transition is a smooth one.

Sell Your House When Relocating in St. Paul: How to Find Potential Buyers

I have listed our top 3 ways to help sell your house as fast as possible without using a realtor or the MLS ( Multiple Listing Service)

  1. Look for other people posting ads looking for a new house . To find the most eager buyers, look in the real estate ads. A lot of the time people will post ads looking for a place to live and buy. Scope local papers and online classified ads to find some potential buyers
  2. Check the classifieds. Some people who are looking to buy may list their ad in the classified section. Usually, these ads would start with the term, “Wanted,” which
  3. would be succeeded by the kind of house they are looking for. If you find someone who seems to be looking for a home like yours, give them a call to see if you can work out a deal.
  4. Check social media. This one is HUGE. The world is changing fast and you have to adapt and change with it also. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are taking the world by suprise. Using these sites to  find potential buyers is a must!

How to Show Your House to Potential Buyers

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Before you invite a potential buyer over to view your house in St. Paul, make sure your house looks its best. Here are a few suggestions to make sure you show your house in the best way possible to encourage a sale:

1. Do some cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming before you invite people in to view your house so that it will be in the best possible shape to show visitors.

2. Detach from “stuff” such as family photographs, personal items, and individual things that define your home as yours.

3. Avoid distracting clutter. When you are cleaning your house, make sure you clear it of any distracting clutter that can draw the visitor’s eye from the focus of the room. The room should be the focus, not the extemporaneous items that you have lying around.

For more info we encourage you to check out our other blog at Tips to Sell Any House FAST

Don’t Assume It’s a Done Deal

Never assume your house is sold until the final papers are signed at closing and the check is in your hand. A lot of

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things can happen in-between accepting a offer and actually selling your house. Always be on the look out for other potential buyers in the mean time.

Answer Prospective Buyer’s Objections

One of the mistakes that sales people often make is that they fail to answer objections to the customer’s satisfaction. Answer only the questions they ask. But if you think you are getting close to closing, ask them if they have any other questions. Then answer honestly and to the best of your ability.

If you need help selling your house quickly when you are relocating, give us a call at (952) 230-2324. We may be able to offer you some suggestions that you need to close that deal.

We can make it easier for you to sell your house when relocating in Minnesota.


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