How To Use The Internet to Sell Your Home in Minneapolis

Now, more than ever, people are finding success selling their homes online. But with the online marketplace being so hot, you are likely to face some stiff competition! We have put together our favorite tips to help you stand out and sell your home fast!

Go Where The Buyers Are:

This might seem pretty straight forward but when we first started selling houses we would use all sorts of random small company websites. We quickly discovered that all though we got increased traffic to our house it wasn’t much. We suggest instead to spend your time marketing on proven successful sites such as Zillow, Redfin and trulia. By using big name sites like these you are almost guaranteed to find yourself a buyer for your home. That doesnt mean you should completely neglect small webistes but rather to focus on the sites that will generate you the most traffic first. After that feel free to try and drive some more traffic using sites like FSBO and My House Deals.

Consider Premium Listings:

What is a premium listing? Websites like  Zillow often have a feature where you can pay a little bit of money to have you house sponsored. When you sponsor your house that means that your house listing will show up on the top searched pages in your area and you can expect to get anywhere between 30-80% more traffic. WHHHATTT!! for only about $100 dollars per listing it really is something to think about if you are having a tough time selling your house.

Use Good Photos:

It should kinda be a no brainer at this point… Without good pictures of your house how do you really expect to sell your house? This aspect can be over looked pretty easy but it is a very important one. Your online pictures is the first walk through for potential buyers if you cant grab their attention through your photos how are you suppose to get them through your door? We suggest using a company like 2020 Home Photography They take awesome pictures at a great price.

Use an Accurate Description of the Property:

Be as detailed and as accurate about the property as possible. Disclose any defects but also make sure not to overlook the details that may be a selling point for a certain buyer. If you have recently re-done the roof, mention it. If there is a large and bright kitchen, you should mention it.

Use Data To:

Acquiring, understanding and using data will almost guarantee you a quick sale. Using data, you will be able to:

  • Run comps of recently sold properties in the area.
  • Locate and contact the best agents in town. Online reviews will ensure you find the agent that is best for you!
  • Study market trends for real estate in your area. Ask questions such as: when is the best time of year to sell my Minneapolis house? What are the current buyer demographics?

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