Can You Sell a House Without Hiring Anyone?

Can You Sell a House Without Hiring Anyone?  

House sale requires expertise to pull off a successful and profitable deal. But is it possible to do it without hiring anyone? Well, to be honest, this is almost impossible. Regardless of who you sell to, you’ll need to employ the service of at least one or two persons. 

Smart Note: Usually, when people ask this question — “can I sell a house without hiring anyone” — it’s always with real estate agents in mind. If that’s your question, then you can. But if you mean to do all the process without needing the expertise of anybody, then it’s almost impossible. 

The process of house sale is tedious, time-consuming, and requires in-depth research alongside experience. Combining all these, it’s safe to say you’ll definitely need someone along the way. So what does selling a house involves, what tasks can you take on, and what should you hire someone to do? Let’s examine each. 

To sell a goes beyond printing a bold “Home for sale”, there are other important steps to take. The first is determining the home value. 

Determining Home Value 

Here’s is the first place where the need to hire may arise. Determining home value is imperative to ensure a good sale. If the price tag is too high, buyers won’t come, if it’s too low, you won’t make enough profit. To know the accurate price, hiring a home appraiser is great. An appraiser being a professional is best suited to evaluate the property type alongside other factors to give an accurate price. However, you can do the job yourself. You can simply compare the prices of houses in your area. Check for recently sold properties that are similar to yours. The downside of the method is that you may not find a house sold recently that’s similar to yours. The best alternative is to use online platforms like Zillow. 

Attending to Potential Buyers 

This stage can be de done alone, albeit a tedious and time-consuming task. If you work full-time, this may be impossible because it all too much to take on. Your task here may include; 

  • Repairs 
  • Modifications 
  • Answering and giving calls 
  • Preparing and staging the property 

While you may create time for calls, and making yourself available to staging and to show the property to buyers physically or virtually, repairs and modifications requires the attention of an expert. And unless you are a Jack of all trades, hiring becomes inevitable. 

The Legal Aspects 

For you reside in Minnesota,  a real estate lawyer must be available when closing the deal. Therefore, you will need to provide documents to transfer the ownership. In this stage, hiring is likewise essential. 

In conclusion, if you are thinking of selling your Minnesota property without hiring anyone, then reconsider. While you may not need to pay the expensive realtor fees of about 6% of the purchase price, there’s a need to hire for some small services. If the goal to minimize spending, then just strike out the realtor, other essential services are not as expensive.

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