How is the Minnesota Housing Rental Market in 2023?

The rental market in Minnesota is currently experiencing high demand and rising prices. According to data from Zillow, the median price for a rental in Minnesota is $1,375 per month, an increase of 5.6% over the past year.

One factor contributing to the strong rental market in Minnesota is the state’s strong job market. Minnesota has a low unemployment rate and a diverse economy, which has attracted many new residents to the state. This increased demand for housing has put pressure on the rental market, leading to higher prices.

Another factor contributing to the tight rental market is the lack of available units. The state has seen a decrease in the number of new apartment buildings being built, leading to a shortage of rental units. This shortage has further driven up prices as demand for housing outstrips supply.

Overall, the rental market in Minnesota is strong, with high demand and rising prices. While this may be challenging for renters, it is a good time for landlords and property owners to invest in the market.

Here are a few more points to consider about the rental market in Minnesota:

  • The Twin Cities metropolitan area, which includes Minneapolis and St. Paul, has seen particularly strong demand for rental units. This demand is driven in part by the strong job market in the area and the presence of several large universities and colleges.
  • While the overall rental market in Minnesota is strong, there are some areas of the state where rents are more affordable. For example, in northern Minnesota, rental prices are generally lower than in the Twin Cities area.
  • There are a number of initiatives at the state and local level aimed at increasing the supply of affordable housing. For example, the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency offers a variety of programs to help developers build affordable housing units and to assist low-income renters with finding affordable housing options.
  • In addition to the high demand for rental units, Minnesota has also seen a trend of rising home prices in recent years. While the state’s housing market has cooled somewhat in the past year, prices remain high relative to historical levels. This trend is likely to continue as long as mortgage rates remain low and demand for housing remains strong.
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